The excitation of cavity standing waves in double-slit structures in thin gold films, with slit lengths between 400 and 2560 nm, was probed with a strongly focused electron beam in a transmission electron microscope. The energies and wavelengths of cavity modes up to the 11th mode order were measured with electron energy loss spectroscopy to derive the corresponding dispersion relation. For all orders, a significant redshift of mode energies accompanied by a wavelength elongation relative to the expected resonator energies and wavelengths is observed.
We report the spatial mapping of surface plasmons on conical gold nanotips by electron energy loss spectroscopy. We observe standing-wave patterns resulting from reflections of the fundamental surface-plasmon mode at the nanotip apex. The experimental results are in very good agreement with numerical calculations using the discontinuous Galerkin time-domain method and analytical computations based on a cylindrical mode expansion.
We design an on-chip single mode photon to surface-plasmon coupler. Our coupler consists of a tapered dielectric waveguide and a V-shaped plasmonic part. In contrast to other concepts designated to minimized-loss coupling into long-ranging waveguides, we focus on an easy-to-fabricate structure working in the visible spectral range. The air-cladded design provides full experimental access to the evanescent fields emerging from the plasmonic stripe guide.
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